Mastic Siding

Mastic LogoChoosing the exterior of your home has either lasting benefits or lasting problems. Going with a reputable manufacturer such as Mastic will help ensure that the materials used will not deteriorate over time, will look great and most of all, protect your home from the elements. Here at Primo Exteriors, we try to ensure that each home is as maintenance free as possible, that’s why we work with companies that have the same values as we do! Whether you want a siding made of vinyl, polymer over wood, fiber cement, brick or stucco, it’s quite easy to see why we like to work with Mastic products. We offer a free exterior inspection if you think your home may be in need of our exterior services. We can help you look over all the options and make a good choice, even if you simply need help choosing between lap siding or vertical siding.

Traditional Lap Siding

Insulated Siding

Vertical Siding

Shakes and Shingles

“James met with us prior to his bid and explained what a shingle was made of. He also brought several shingle samples from different manufacturers. James did not personally recommend a particular shingle product, but gave us enough information so we can make an informative choice.

- Ruby Easton

VSI Certified

Mastic Quality

  • 🍂

    No Paint - No Hassles

    No harmful VOCS and environmentally stable

  • Low Maintenance

    Low maintenance and adds home value

  • 🔒

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    All products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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    Crafted of readily available natural materials and up to 50% recycled material

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